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12V Car Battery Tester, 100-2000 CCA Load Tester Automotive Alternator Tester Battery Analyzer Charging Cranking System Tester for Car Truck Marine Motorcycle SUV Boat
Main Feature

1.Simple and easy to use

2.Tests batteries on and off the vehicle

3.Accurate results in milliseconds

4.Battery life analysis

5.Analysis results: Good or Replace

6.Large easy to read LCD screen

7.Test results based on JIS, EN, DIN, SAE and IEC Standards

8.Quick test - inputs battery volume (AH), then shows battery status

9.Vehicle cranking system test - cranking time, voltage and status

10.Store the testing result and the print function

11.Vehicle charging system test—load voltage, unloaded voltage, ripple status, and charging system status

BA101 Product introduction

Test Results: Good or Replace

 Internal resistance value (m)

· Life in percentage (%)

· Cranking system

· Charging system

· Operating Parameters:

· System voltage: 12 Volts

· Input voltage range: 9V~15V

· Power requirements: No internal batteries required

· Capacity: Cold Cranking Amps (CCA), DIN, EN and IEC information relative to battery rating

About this item:

1. Small compact design, faster scanning and direct display of test results. Even a beginner can analyze any 12 volt battery with this device. It shows you everything about the battery: Voltage, charge, starting power and remaining battery life (ohmic resistance level). And it does it quickly and accurately.
 2.Much wider test range (100-2000 CCA) and more accurate than its competitors. Test results are based on JIS, EN, DIN, SAE, CCA, BCI, GB, CA, MCA and IEC standards.
 3.Provides an opportunity to check the charging status of the alternator and the starter. Vehicle charging system test is also available, including load voltage, unloaded voltage, ripple status and charging system status.
 4.The BA101 Battery Tester is well built and features a large LCD display with white backlighting and adjustable contrast that shows test results directly. No internal batteries are required and power is drawn directly from the 12V battery.
 5.It comes with a 3. 0-foot cable and is made of a very thick, flexible insulator that is much safer than others on the market. There are 4 buttons on the BA101. The up/down button is used to scroll through the menu. The Enter and Exit buttons are used to navigate back and enter the menu.
 6.Leagend offers a 30-day money back guarantee, hassle-free warranty and lifetime customer support. For technical support and any problems with the product, please contact us via buyer-seller messages to solve the problem.

Five Different Results of Battery Testing

· GOOD BATTERY: The battery is without any problem.
· GOOD, RECHARGE: Good battery but low current, and recharge before using.
· REPLACE: The battery is already at or near the end of its use life, and please replace the battery.
· BAD CELL, REPLACE: Battery interior damaged, bad cell or short circuit, and replace the battery.
· CHARGE-RETEST: Unstable battery shall be recharged and retested to avoid error.

Multiple Battery Standards Support

· It can test by AH and CCA values but also applies to other test standards such as BCI, CA, MCA, JIS, DIN, IEC, EN, SAE, GB.
· If your battery standard is AH standard, you can input the AH value to test in the "Quick Test" menu.
· If your battery is CCA or another standard, please input the CCA or other value to test in the "Battery in Vehicle" or "Battery out of vehicle" test menu.

Fast and Accurate Reading

· It adopts the world's most advanced conductance testing technology to date for accurate and authoritative test results.
· It quickly analyzes the data, usually taking 2-3 seconds to display the results.
· Easy to use, it can quickly and accurately identify battery problems.

Print Data Steps

· Before using the print data function, it is necessary to connect the tool to a computer via the USB cable. Once ready, please insert the CD to the computer.
· Install the USB driver first.
· Open the print software, and choose the COM Port NO.
· Then choose the function of print data to start printing.


1.     English , Chinese, Japanese, Korean

2.     English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish

3.     English, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch

4.     English, Russia


12V car battery

Test range




GB: 30~220Ah


Large LCD display

Working Temperature

0 to 50°C (32 to 140 F°)

Storage Temperature

-20 to 70°C (-4 to 158 F°)







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BA101 User Manual

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